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Best Neurologist In Nanded

Dr Vidyadhar Bhede in Global Hospital is one of the Best Brain specialists in Nanded. The hospital has excellent medical facilities and is rated the best hospital in the city. The hospital specializes in advanced medical technology and dedicated service to patients. Our hospital is known to be one of the best hospitals in Nanded. At Global Hospital, you will get the best neurosurgeon in Nanded.

GLOBAL Hospital is a super-specialty hospital providing comprehensive patient-centered care, equipped with modern infrastructure and medical equipment, along with a team of doctors and support staff. Professional support, globally trained, experienced, always available 24/7.

Infrastructure Of The Hospital

The hospital cluster currently has a capacity of 2,000 beds. The Neurology Specialist in Nanded has performed more than 18,000 surgeries each year.

Global Hospital offers progressive and technologically advanced infrastructure to date. It has a large team of the Best Headache specialists in Nanded accessible 24 hours a day. The staff ensures that the patient area receives the simplest medical assistance.

Nanded’s Expert Neurologist provides you with comprehensive clinical, surgical, and diagnostic services. It is equipped with a team of renowned healthcare professionals supported by qualified nurses and medical staff. Improving lives through compassionate care, innovative therapies, and relentless effort is reflected in the DNA of our passionate team of physicians and dedicated clinical staff.

The hospital offers advanced endoscopic procedures, liver and liver surgery, medical gastroenterology and surgery, bariatric surgery, and robotic surgery.

Achievement Of The Hospital

– The first hospital in South Asia to perform medical auxiliary liver transplantation.
– The first hospital in South Asia to perform spinal core replacement.
– First liver exchange transplant for adults in India.

Best Nanded Neurology Services

Our center has a dedicated Neuro Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with a dedicated staff of neurological care specialists, pulmonologists, intensivists, infectious disease specialists, dedicated and highly trained nephrologists, cardiologists, and neurologists who provide round-the-clock support.

The ICU is equipped with modern ventilators and the latest invasive and non-invasive means to monitor vital neurological functions. Various types of treatment modalities are-

– Advanced Aneurysm Treatment
– Skull Base Surgery
– State-of-the-art Instruments
– Functional Neurosurgery
– Emergency Head Trauma Surgery
– Pediatric Neurosurgery
– Stroke Therapy
– Microscopic /Endoscopic Disc Surgery
– Spine Fusion Surgery
– Back Pain Management

Different Treatment Modalities For Different Diseases

Nanded’s Expert Neurologist targets the root cause of the problem to devise treatments that are effective in the long term and deliver exemplary results. The range of problems treated by our experts includes insomnia, restless legs syndrome, and narcolepsy.

Neurodegenerative Disease
This is a general term used to refer to a whole range of progressive diseases that affect the nerve cells in our brains. At our hospital, we perform specialized neurosurgery for these types of patients.

Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders
There is no permanent cure for Parkinson’s disease, a condition characterized by sudden tremors, slowness of movement, and loss of balance.

Neuroendov Ascular therapy is the treatment of choice. This procedure involves using catheter-based techniques to target various neurological problems using angiography and fluoroscopy optical. We use the same thing to treat problems like aneurysms, strokes, and arteriovenous malformations.

Neuromuscular Disorders
These can significantly impact the nerves that control voluntary muscles, making it very difficult for patients to control their movements. We aim to improve your quality of life by providing optimal services for better diagnosis and treatment. Some of the popular services we provide include electrodiagnostic testing, rehabilitation, and therapy (medical, physical, and occupational).


The treatment should be backed by the latest research and delivered by highly qualified physicians who take the time to develop relationships. We believe that every patient who walks through our doors deserves this combination of science and personalized attention.